VIP Loyalty Campaign

Have you ever wondered how to create exclusivity for your customers and clients that builds deep and long lasting relationships with you and your business?

What It Is

Would you like a guaranteed way to increase sales whenever you desire? Would you like extra customers to flood your business on slow days? Would you like to make more money from your existing customers?

Our Business Growth System allows you to capture the names, emails, birthdays, anniversaries, and mobile numbers of existing and potential customers so you can market to them anytime you wish with offers, specials, and events.

Our program also tracks customer spend, and provides trackable coupons so you know the exact return on investment of your marketing dollar.

How It Works


Your Associate ask customers if they would like to join your VIP Rewards/Loyalty Club. You provide a compelling offer such 10% off coupon.


Customers text a special keyword to redeem their VIP incentive for joining your Rewards/Loyalty Club.

Offer Redemption

Customers receive a reply text notifying them of joining your club and receive their mobile coupon offer.

Ongoing Communication

Customers are now added to your database. You can now market to and communicate with them on demand with an incredibly high open/response rate.

Learn More

This video explains the benefits of a VIP Rewards/Loyalty Club for restaurants but our system works perfectly for retail stores, spas, salons, auto mechanics etc.

Ready to Get Started?

Take our Business Growth System for a test drive, pull out your phone and text VIP to 202-304-1144 (this demo is set up for a restaurant) and see how easy it is to fill your business with more customers. Our demo explains step by step what your customers would experience and you can text STOP at any time to unsubscribe.

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